Royal Windsor Horse Show 2022

So yesterday I had the honour at Royal Windsor Horse Show 2022 to have one of my prints presented to Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor. the print was photos of her competing at the DRIVING SECTION- Windsor Park Equestrian Club – meets. The other print of mine was presented to Sophie the Countess of Wessex, the photo was of the team from the Royal Mews, from when they competed in the last DRESSAGE- Windsor Park Equestrian Club – meet. A very special thank you to Denis Williams featured in the photo, for inviting me to decorate the stand, and arranging the presentation. I knew about the presentation for a while, and I must admit have been very nervous about it. I didn’t publicize it, just in case it didn’t happen. I knew being me that something, even unintentional would go wrong during the presentation, and it did. I had someone kindly take this photo for me. He then said “camera isn’t working”, I looked at at it, and then said “oops, I didn’t switch it on”. A professional photographer, forgetting to turn his camera on”. Both Lady Louise and the Countess were absolutely lovely as always. I think this has to be my highlight of the year so far, for me it will be a struggle to top it. And I remembered not to wear my jogging suit bottoms, so yay me.


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